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September 19, 2007



Loved all your random musings today! Very funny :)

And another quote from a country song...aimed at Bill Maher...
"why don't you kiss...kiss this...and I don't mean on my ruby red lips" !!!

Jenny from Chicago

Um. You Rock out loud. End comment.

Lady by the Creek

I loved all of your musings today. You know, I am filling the "birthday compote" to the top with queso for your birthday. Love you! :)


Nothing compares to homegrown tomatoes actually grown at home. I've bought them from Farmer's Markets, and they're still not the same. And I agree, I nursed both of my children, always discreetly and because necessary - just what makes this obscene? Obviously, Maher regrets not being breastfed. Something Freudian there, I'm sure.

Stomper Girl

Really? I only breastfed my kids to get attention and pick up guys. You know, because I was feeling so attractive with all the baby-weight and lack of sleep & grooming, and had heaps of energy to spare to plan extra-marital activities...

My best guess for your mystery song is "We are spirits in the material".


What nice random musings you have.
I also have a pot of tomatoes on my back porch. Love them.
"Search you for Ticks" is a stupid song.
Bill Maher sucks. Ha Ha. Breastfeeding. Sucks. Ha Ha.
I nursed Roo in public a few times and was made to feel like I was a horrid person for daring to do such a thing.
Love Roo's crocs, but he does trip in them alot.
I do not like people who have their Christmas shopping done already, or started for that matter.


Yep, I was a real 'guy magnet' when I was nursing too.

Don't hate me because I shop early.

Wonderful news about the neighbors.


Um, what the heck is queso dip? Don't think we have that up here in the cold north.

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