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September 06, 2007



My oh my. My husband does the same thing...only...the other end. We don't have any children yet, but I am sure it will ensue when we do!


I am literally laughing at my computer screen.

This is the sort of post that makes me proud to be a man.

Truly, journalism at its finest.


Funny! Don't feel too bad. My son is twelve and thinks farting is the funniest thing to do on the planet. He has even gotten the 2 year old to do it then laugh. Maybe Miss Manners can come and do a lesson for the boys.


The only thing worse than boys burping is...girls engaging in a burp fest. Which is what my nieces (on my hubby's side of the fam) do at holiday gatherings! Not exactly ladylike.

invisible neighbor

I am sad to say that this facination with bodily music is not attributed to the male of the species only. It has been YEARS since a nice family dinner has passed without one of our lovely charm school ladies passing some sort of burp, fart or both. The girls shared with me years ago on one of my out of town trips that Dad spent the entire evening educating our lovely young ladies on the art of burping on command. My girls are nothing if not good students.....

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