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September 26, 2007


Jenny from Chicago

Politics and quotes from The Princess Bride. You are the best blogger evah!!!!!! I'm not sure they want to keep class warfare alive they just want to MAKE EVERY DECISION for every single person from Washington D.C. It is the ultimate elitist party and yet the working man keeps buying in....weird.


You go girl. It would be nice for people to actually start thinking for themselves instead of just spewing out what the media wants us to think.
I love "The Princess Bride", too. Great movie!

Lady by the Creek

You know I agree whole heartedly with every word and love you for putting it out there. :)

Add Faith and Humor

Bravo. I agree completely and appreciate how clearly you have articulated this.

When Hubby ran for office, I was, of course, especially interested in man on the street interviews done by reporters. I was amazed that it seemed they frequently looked for interviewees in front of the local homeless shelter!
Just reminds us all that there are no qualifications (i.e.,home, job, drug-free thinking process) that have to be met in order to be a "man on the street" for interview purposes!


I just LOVE people who can and do think for themselves! Unfortunately, that seldom happens where politics are concerned.


Are you sure you didn't take the transcript from the MENSA meeting in Chicago? Wow.

I hope your starvation diet is going as well as mine is.

P.S. Jenny, that stings...really really stings. :)

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