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September 29, 2007



NO WAY! I cannot even believe somone would do that. There really are some stupid people in this world.
Do the Hooligans next door have a dog? :)


What's the point of bagging if you just drop the bag? I think these people are suffering from PPDD - Poop Pick-up Deficit Disorder. Somewhere between picking it up and placing it in the bag, they get lost.

Political Outsider

Perhaps, a person was out walking their several dogs and just leaves the bags there until they come back toward home?? It's the only reasonable explaination. Whoever it was I'm sure they were planning to come back.

New Diva on the Blog

A nice thought, and perhaps that is what happened--coming back to pick them up I mean. Cynical old me thinks probably not as it was a very twisty path I took and they were very different bags, not all of one type. We'll hope Political Outsider is right -- I know I ususally think so on her blog.

Stomper Girl

If you won't pick up the poo you should not have a dog. I hope Political Outsider is right too though.

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