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October 13, 2007



How I love no alarm clock days! It stems from years of hearing it's buzzing in my ear at ungodly hours of the morning, beseeching me to get up and go to work. Yuck! Thanks for sharing your jokes!


No alarm clock? What a dream!

Hey I liked your Happy Halloween card...some gremlin in the computer has eaten my sound ability...but it wasn't needed at the end!

Check out my Sunday'll appreciate it I think! Posted it just for you!

Daddy Forever

Talk about weird. My daughter told me the first two jokes this weekend. I wished I read your blog first because I didn't know the answers.


That was funny. I love "The Flasher." I'll be scared, too.
Don't you love the Autumn Harvest candles? Yum!


I LOVED the Happy Halloween card!

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