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October 19, 2007


Beth F.

This is so interesting. I really enjoyed this entry. I for one, enjoy silence, I tend to talk too little. Until my husband gets on my nerves or brings back the wrong brand of detergent from the grocery store, then I probably talk a lot.

And men do need to listen more, you got that right.

All in all, your #8 was really good. I loved it. I look forward to your next post, Mr. New Diva on the Blog, you hijacker, you.

rip, runnin and roarin

Love to see husbands and wives share, even though they don't agree!! Still a great post! Enjoyed Mr. New Diva on the Blog and his views! #3, 4, 6, 7 all pretty good I can at least agree a little with those!!! I know I'm right!

Daddy Forever

Amen, brother!


I really liked #8, great job Mr. Diva!


Now that's some teamwork! Great job, "Mr. New Diva on the Blog", and great job on the rebuttal. You two have something great going on in your marriage, that's plain to see. Humor, along with all the other "stuff", is a necessity, especially the longer the marriage.


Verrry well done! The blogger-in-training had some very profound thoughts! He's a keeper!


OK, now that was funny...thanks for making my procastinating (by reading other blogs) worthwhile!


Nice work Mr. Diva. I've tried to get my husband to guest blog for me. I think he's a little scared of the blogoshere.


You are a brave one to let your hubby post on your blog. I do like that you kept it real by posting your comments alongside. Very interesting.


If you already know the answer, that you want to hear, to the question you are about to ask us, please don't ask.

You said it.

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