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November 23, 2007



I did not shop. But, hubby went golfing and said he popped into Walmart to get something and it was mayhem and madness at 6 a.m.

I'm starting next weekend on my shopping. Which is early for me. ;)

Glad it went well!!!


i'm usually finished by now but nursing school has sucked up all my time...

we get our tree the day after thanksgiving because after years of retail i stay far away from black friday...glad you had a great experience -- it is even funner to shop when you get a good deal on something!


I did go shopping on Black Friday and enjoyed every minute! I had no major encounters with stupid people (only a few minor brushes). I had planned to leave earlier, but got out at 8:30 and it was marvelous! Ah, the sales! The bargains! Definitely worthwhile!


I did the Black Friday thing and I have to give a major thumbs down to Kohls as well. Their lines are ridiculous and the whole check-out system is designed for long lines and store congestion. I won't be going back. Next year, I'm hitting Target and Wally World first!

Daddy Forever

I went to Office Depot to get a computer and they were all sold out of the special.

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