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December 14, 2007



Ranks right up there with getting a new roof. No bang for your buck! The "joys" of home ownership.

Lady by the Creek

The twins look beautiful. Enjoy your nice hot water. :)

Fannie Mae

Atleast you can see yours. unlike the Christams I got brand new copper plumbing...inside the walls!


I saw a cartoon one time: Man says to wife, "Every time we talk about getting a couple bucks ahead, some appliance "hears" us and requires repair. So, let's go out in the driveway and I'll tell you about my bonus!" They went outside, stood in the driveway delighting in the windfall -- and the car parked in the drive fell apart!

So, your water heaters must have "heard" you talking!

Try to enjoy all that nice, hot water.

The Eastsider

Love it! Must love married life and home ownership.


now that's a bummer!
maybe you can put some bows on them?


Nothing says I love you like water heaters.


Nothing says love like a hot shower.


Matching is nice though. First it's the dish washer and now this. You guys might want to consider moving....


Oh...I hate that! We've had that happen before too!
Sadly, I think my husband would've picked the plasma in the bedroom over hot water.

PS When you get a chance...can you try to leave me a comment...there is a new option on my comment section for typepad users and I'm wondering if the comments would finally work for you again! (I think I miss you a little bit :))


That suuuuuucks! All my stuff decides to break down in December, too. hmmmmrph.

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