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January 16, 2008



What the heck--life is worth living, right?! However, sounds like overload to me! I know you'll get through it with style and grace, and it will make Saturday night that much more enjoyable. SO glad my grandson is feeling better.

Chi Chi

...and drinking. Don't forget drinking on Sat. night. :) And sleeping. I am glad to hear he is feeling better. Hang in there, it's almost over.


Sounds like the pot is boiling and about to overflow...poor dear...good luck with all of that....hope your dinner party goes well. Glad to hear your little guy is feeling better.



Just kidding.

Just remember everything looks rosier with a glass of Merlot!

Good luck gettting it all done.

Daddy Forever

I hope you son gets better soon.

Wow, you have a really busy schedule!


Hang in there! These next couple of days sound crazy, but maybe on Sunday you can relax and not do a thing!
Glad your son is okay!


35 people? OMG, are you going w/ a caterer or are you doing that by yourself and if it's by yourself you will have replaced martha stewart as my hero!

Chrissy Witt

breathing is so overrated!!

Jenny from Chicago

Leanne stole my answer...wimp. I guess these people are impressed that you are having 35 over for dinner when those of us who know you know that you do that REGULARLY and for far more people...(she should replace Martha as your hero TZ). Why haven't you entered my contest????? Only a few hours left....get cracking.


I had to go lie down from exhaustion after reading your post. Whew! Glad your son is better.

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