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January 22, 2008



I admit, I've been slacking alot on commenting lately.
I've been blog reading on my phone lately, while I'm waiting in my car for the kids at one activity or another and commenting is harder to do from the phone than the laptop.

I agree though, comments make my day!

Mom On The Run

Hi! Been lurking around reading your blog through Google Reader!


Can't wait to come see what you're giving away. Will it be a WS GC? ;)

Dragon Lady

Love ya!

Jenny from Chicago

Thanks for the linky love...which is even better than a clever comment. Your smart-alecness warms the cockles of my heart.


Wow. You made my day by telling me that I made your day!!

I'm pathetically happy about all of this....

Thanks for the links!

Daddy Forever

I think I'm practical, but my wife just think I'm annoying. She's obviously wrong.

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