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January 20, 2008



I can imagine how you felt. What a disappointment to your daughter. And how short-sighted of Target!


You were probably so surprised you didn't ask why there is a new policy. A visit to the manager is in order! What a poor marketing decision that is! And we thought Target was so smart. . .


oh please. could they really have been losing that much money on the random free cookie?


That is heart breaking and immoral!

Our Target doesn't even have a bakery. It has a concession area, but I highly doubt they'd give out anything for free. Now the Wal-Mart bakery gives out free cookies and my kids look forward to that, as long as they behave.

Chrissy Witt

They need to change this policy back!! I hope you spoke to someone about this!

Daddy Forever

Oh no. What about the free kids popcorn? I suppose that's gone too. I didn't even know what a Target was until I met my wife.


Between the new no-cookie policy and their crappy return policy, Target is getting on my nerves.
How am I supposed to take my time browsing for my hundred dollars worth of psuedo-Pottery Barn crap if my kid isn't distracted by the free cookie??

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