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January 11, 2008



Just another one of those "like mother, like daughter" moments! Dontcha just love it?!

Mom On The Run

I'm sure it looks beautiful!

Jenny from Chicago

Since we all saw you last night you know what we think about it. It makes you look so much younger!! Very shiny and a beautiful color choice.


I agree with your are a hot mama, so I am sure it looks amaaazzzzziiiinnnngggg!


my last hair experience ended up with a mullet...hello the 80's were 20 years ago!

i think you're right, it's very hard to get the hair thing right..


I have never, ever walked out of a salon (I use this word loosely--I'm a Great Clips kind of girl) and immediately liked the cut and/or color. Holding off on judgment is probably the best plan.

You're a hot chick. You could pull off orange hair!

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