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February 20, 2008



My fav..Robbie Carrico and Michael have to watch it all this season, so we can chat about it. Then next month, Dancing with the Stars...Whoo Hooo!


Yep, it's cold up here too and I've also had enough. Sigh. I can't even think of a way to make fun of it since it's been going on so long. Brain freeze! :)


I am so over this cold too...complain away.

Chi Chi

I am watching too! I loved those 3 and also the long haired, rocker guy, Robbie, I think. I can't wait for the girls tonight. I can't even talk about this cold weather anymore. At least we have had some sunshine, otherwise you would only find me in bed. Sending you warm thoughts. :)

Queen B

I'm sorry about the cold. I think we've got a blast of it coming tonight. I will sympathize more tomorrow.

I watched it last night after vowing not to watch it at all. I thought it was a teeny bit boring, but I liked the same ones that you did. I hope the girls are great...


Oh yes, American Idol. It is one of the few shows I actually watch live as opposed to tivo'd. The guys started off strong then the middle guys were very hard to watch and they ended it pretty good. I love, love, love David Archuleta and I just want to squeeze him. He's darling and humble and can belt it out. An amazing mature voice for such a young thing.

I Should Be Folding Laundry

Were you completely and totally freaked out by the Leif Garrett look-a-like?

i was.

If he's on it next week, I may have to skip it.

Lisa's Chaos

How cool! Love the icicles!

Lisa's Chaos

How cool! Love the icicles!


Played golf in shirtsleeves today--OK I also wore a sweater vest. But, hey, that's way better than being in the frozen north! The birds were singing, the egrets and turtles were on the banks of the lagoons, the . . . I don't want to rub it in too much. :)


Super cold again here today - spring will be here eventually, but looks like it is going to be awhile. My first stop at your blog, but I'll be back to check it out some more.


I hear you on the cold thing! Spring can't come soon enough.


I am a native Floridian who is spending my very first winter in a northern climate and hating every second of it. So, go ahead and complain about the cold weather. I totally agree!


I loved those three guys on American Idol, too. I must say, the boys kicked the girls' butts this week.

Normally, I love cold weather, but, I agree, it's getting old. Come on spring!


Until now, I always complained about the lack of seasons here in Boston. Summer and winter seem to be all we get here. Virtually no spring or autumn. And during winter, it's either 3 feet of snow in one day (no joke) and then it's all gone by the next week or 90+ degrees out...NOT complaining anymore because on those snowy days, we get to stay home and play and on the 90+ degree days we're in our air conditioned offices :-) And I think we've had one or two days here so far this winter with a low of 8 degrees....not too bad I guess!


I love American Idol, and I think they have a pretty good group this time. Although, I think Carly Smithson who has already had a recording contract should be dis-qualified. She's already had her chance.

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