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February 08, 2008



Oh, what fun! I will do this as soon as I can! Thanks for the shout out! I have some updates on the new Dancing with the Stars season..hope to post about it soon! Have a great Weekend!

Chi Chi

The sun is out today! Yeah! Have a great weekend and don't work too hard on that project! Love ya!


You have only to go to the announcers/commentators on the professional golf tournament broadcasts to be totally disillusioned about America's grammar capabilities. It's appalling!

Jenny from Chicago

Thanks...I will never speak to you again because I'm sure my grammar is appalling. It was nice knowing you.

Seriously, thanks for the linky love. This is no way to get rid of me.


Oh gosh, a grammar freak? How can you read my blog without cringing --- have you read the book "Eat Shoots and Leaves" it's all about grammar and the history of grammar.

Your pics of winter below...hmmm. so over it myself--on the other hand wouldn't move to a state without four seasons even if it was nice in the winter.


oh yeah, and roaches....yuck, we get black crickets around here and they remind me of roaches that hop...yuck!


Got the meme up, finally!

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