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February 05, 2008



Phew! I'm out of breath, too. Wish I could have some of that banana custard! My fourth grade teacher went to Hawaii and brought back poi for all of us to taste. Yuck! The whole things sounds like a fun learning project for all of the class, never mind the work for the parents! And it will only get worse. . .

Chi Chi

I've been to the Bahamas several times. All I have to show for it are several beach bags and lots of pictures. Does that help? :) My son actually has a globe that plays music from the countries. If you need to borrow it, you )I mean your son) are welcome to. Good luck!


Ok, so I'm reading the list, thinking well hell this isn't so...bad? Play a song? Cook for thirty? Bring in f*&%ing ARTIFACTS? I hope you get a good grade!

Sue B

I think Lily owns a cute musical instrument brought all the way from the Bahamas. It is not so cute when you are in a cruise ship cabin and are repeatedly asked to "listen to this Mom"


You have my sympathy -- I remember school projects that, by necessity, involved the whole family!

Thanks for the plug for my give-away. :)


You have my sympathies...I totally understand!

I am currently doing much better in 3rd grade this time around and I just recieved an A last week on "our" Galapagos Turtle project.

I do have a big shell and a starfish that I found from the Bahamas if that would help you. (I mean your son.)


Yep, I'm right here with you. We, my 5th grade son and I have to talk about Poseidon and do a mask, poster or some such thing on him in two weeks. (The list was too long, I haven't read it all yet) Good thing I have next week off my own courses for Reading Week. I can go all the way from University back to 5th grade in one little leap. Sigh.


OK, that's a bit much I'd say for a 4th grade student. My son is in 4th as well and hasn't had anything like this assigned to him. Must be the Indiana thing vs. the Illinois thing. I don't know. And I probably shouldn't have opened my mouth cause you know what's going to happen now, don't ya?


We haven't reached the extensive school project age yet. The only thing I've had to do so far is cut out magazine clippings of things that start with the letter G and paste them to a piece of construction paper.

I think a trip the the Bahamas may be necessary to fully understand the culture.

Chrissy Witt

OOOOOOOOOh how they want us to learn all together!! I remember when parents weren't really allowed to help with homework!! Enjoy your project, I mean his project!!

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