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March 05, 2008


Invisible neighbor

I got nothing for the lunch thing. Look at my waistline to see that healthy is nothing that I have mastered. As far as the giveaway thing.... who better than you my dear friend to give away a gift certificate to DSW or some other shoe store. It just shouts YOU!


For lunch suggestions, I like to have lowfat yogurt, baby carrots and a piece of fruit. I also eat those smartones or lean cuisine diet lunches. Another good thing is whole grain bread, lettuce, tomato and lowfat turkey lunch meat.

Hope that helps.



As far as lunches go, the kids like beef smokies, crackers with cheese and pepperoni, and shaped PB&J's the most. I also make english muffin pizzas and chicken nuggets occasionally.

We round it off with fresh fruit, peas or carrots and yogurt or cheese sticks. We deviate from this, but these are pretty standard.

My oldest really likes turkey wraps lately, and I think they're great with a little avocado and tomato for myself. Kraft foods has some neat ideas for healthy lunches on their website, too.

Hope these ideas help. As far as contest ideas go, I'd enter anything for a Starbucks, movie theater or bookstore gift certificate!!!


Here's a few of our lunch faves:

turkey/cheese/pickle, rolled up in a tortilla

egg salad, tuna salad, or chicken salad in a whole wheat pita

quesadillas (use leftover chicken, black beans, shredded cheese to put in your quesadillas, then heat it in a grill pan - you can also add tomatoes/salsa/guacamole...etc.)

the mini pizzas on english muffins mentioned above are really good

That's all I can think that my kiddos are all in school, lunch time is much easier for me. As for your giveaway, congrats on coming up on 200 posts! I think any gift card is always great - Starbucks, bookstore, Sephora, etc.

Sue B

I think Houlihan's is a great lunch idea. Let's go soon!

Chi Chi

I second Sue on the lunch idea. Mimi's Cafe is nice too! Just tell me where and when. :) Aren't I helpful?


I am such a bad luncher - I always, always have leftovers. It's the only way they will go away, hubby forgets they exist the moment they disappear into the fridge!

As for giveaways, gift cards are always good. I've noticed a lot of people doing T-shirts lately as well, like the b*kind shirts or whatever they were. Basically, if it is useful to me, I am all over it. Or if it's a book - I am a book tramp.

Carol Pollard

cream cheese.bagel, and strawberry jam with carrot sticks is a staple here as is
turkey subs with lots of veggies

Nice giveaway mught be a journal so one could write their own 200 posts.


Ummm. I like the going out idea. Carrots dipped in hummus seems to be a big hit here right now too. Um, and I guess you know about PB and J eh? :)

As for the prizes, I like the gift cards, and the last prize you gave away!

Jenny from Chicago

English Muffin
American Cheese

Broil for three minutes until the cheese is melted to delicious.

Giveaway: Everybody loves a Dyson.


Unfortunately, the most common lunch here is out. And if we're home I usually just have an apple and whatever is left over from my daughter's plate...sandwich, etc.

I'm with Jenny on the Dyson! Or Sephora, or DSW, or Ulta...I could go on and on!


Lunch, let's see... grilled cheese, fruit salad, pita pockets with turkey or tuna (my son won't eat a "traditional" sandwhich), chicken nuggets,
marcaroni & cheese, peanut butter crackers, sometimes leftovers.

As far as prizes go, The Starbucks, Amazon and Barnes & Noble cards sure were popular duing the bloggy giveaway party that Shannon held a few weeks back!


Mini pizzas made with whole wheat pitas
Antipasto platter
Shredded cheese rolled up in tortilla and warmed
Tomato soup with grilled cheese
Fried eggs
Spaghetti with meatless marinara
Soy hotdogs

And for giveaways? I look for things that are not like something I already have....even something for the kids that I could enjoy as well. I am getting tired of so much jewelry giveaways, as well as diaper bags and other newborn-only needs!

Hope this helps!


my fave lunch...and the kids actually like it too

a couple tereyaki chix breasts, cut up in bite suze pieces, a can of manderine oranges drained, some red onion, almonds, romaine lettuce and some seseme asian type dressing..toss alltogether and you have an easy peasy asian chicken salad...

or the ceaser salad kit, light, with some grilled chix tossed together and rolled into some whole wheat flat bread....yums

how about a copy of your favorite book last year?


Here's how I make my favorite lunch:

I spread some Laughing Cow garlic cheese spread on a large, lo-carb tortilla. I pile it with arugula or spinach, some grilled chicken (pre-made in a bag or, on a good day, some I make myself) and sprinkle some balsamic vinegar on it. I wrap it up and eat it like a burrito. It's delicious!

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