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March 17, 2008


Chi Chi

Happy St. Pat's Day to you. As a beer drinker, I can tell ya, I don't dig the green beer thing either. Yuck. The other part I don't like about the holiday is the pitching if you don't have green on. When I was a teacher, I was always so worried a child would come without green on and would be pinched all day. Not that fun, but believe me, my boys had green on today when they went to school. I hope they're not pitching others though. I did let them pinch "daddy" since he didn't wear green. Happy Day!


Because of experiences with St. Pat's Day in Chicago, I have a fondness for the day. When Hubby was attending school there, we went to the Emerald Society Ball (probably a thousand people in a huge hall) with a bunch of Chicago cops and their wives. I think it was just about every Irish man and woman (and some kids who danced) in the city of Chicago, along with us "mixed bloods" and "pretenders" too. It was lots of fun!

Daddy Forever

It's hard for me to relate to St Patty day too. Plus this year, it's so close to Easter.


I'm always up for celebrating something...even if I'm not Irish...

and, I'm getting caught up on past blogs and the roach story...gave me the heebie jeebies reading it!

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