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March 11, 2008


Chi Chi

OMG! I cannot believe you finally got a DVR! YEAH for you! Secondly, why in the heck do you get yourself out of bed when your hubby is the silly one to fall asleep on the couch. When Mr. ChiChi falls asleep downstairs, I have no idea when or if he makes it upstairs and I have a great sleep. Just my 2 cents. But again, we already know you are way nicer to your hubby than am to mine. :) Love ya and welcome to the 21st century! Now start taping Lipstick Jungle so you can join us on Thursday nights. It's worth the shirtless Kirby sightings. :)


Welcome to the new millenium! You will never have to watch commercials again!


welcome back....if it makes you feel any better we don't have a DVR ourselves...we don't even have digital about dark ages...and i'm not sure that sleeping death grip is a family gene, I think it has something to do with the gender in general....maybe it's on the Y chromosome.

Chrissy Witt

The DVR will also frustrate you if your husband is like mine! You are not allowed to watch shows and sports events in real time anymore!!
I like it even still!
The description of waking up your hubby reminded me of mine, LOL!!

Kat @ The Burb Blog

Love, love, love the DVR. But you are right, we must watch out for those men!


Oh girl, just leave him lay ... he'll come to bed eventually. My man does the same thing most nights ... 'cept those when he craves my excellent company ... LOL! ~Jennifer

Daddy Forever

I like to hand on to the remote too. but only because my wife is the one who keeps flipping through the channels when she has the remote.

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