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March 04, 2008



Bra wrong side out? Check.
Underwear inside out? Check
Fly unzipped? Check
One, only one, earring? Check
Things I do All.The.Damn.Time.


I can totally relate!! I arrived in Nagoya, Japan - quickly changed clothes to go out for dinner and as we were all standing at the corner about to cross the street to go into the restaurant, I looked down and saw that I had TWO different shoes on!!! Obviously I was making a fashion statement! We just won't say what KIND of statement. Now...the obvious question is...are you serving Mac & Cheese for Easter???


I think you should pat yourself on the back for the talent of clasping your bra when it is inside out.


I am dying of laughter right now and I really needed that! You are too flippin' funny! Thank you for making me not feel so alone!


you're not supposed to wear your bra inside out?

Chrissy Witt

Good one, too funny!!

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