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April 07, 2008


libby @ ninesandquines

that just sucks - i know how it feels and it's not fun...just drains any life and energy out of you...hope this week is better! and LOVE stewie by the way :-)

Chi Chi

I am so sorry people have to show their true colors and let you down. That sucks. I am so glad my apron was able to give you a small bright spot in the yuckiness of your week. I am also available for coffee and a chat anytime. Call me. Love ya. :o)


Oh no! Still no sign of spring?
I'm sorry to hear you were stung by stupers (short as you know, for irritatingly stupid persons). They do drain one's energy. But they also help you to really appreciate the intelligent, considerate people in you life.


Been there. Hated it. LOVE working at home for that reason--even if by "work" I mean blogging and by blogging I mean sitting on my ass eating chips.


Sorry to hear that. It's hard when it comes out of the blue from people you trust. I prescribe wine!


Just goes to show that you have made the right decision. Their "long range planning" was lacking, since they forgot to consider the effect of their treatment of you on your colleagues with whom they will continue to have a relationship. And that was a mouthful!


So sorry about your business associates. That sucks.

Great apron! Not too shabby for some hermit crab watchin'.

Daddy Forever

Running a small business can suck sometimes. My inlaws were sued by a former partner after he left the business.

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