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April 16, 2008



SO F&*%$#@ on the taxes. We owed more this year than EVER!


I'm a little peeved about taxes...I mean you're right I should be thankful....but when you're taxed on stock recieved that you aren't allowed to cash in for another three years AND those stocks are now worth less then half of what you were taxed on them...and all that equals to MORE then one years's freakin' INSANE

on wow, here i am venting on a complete stranger's blog...sorry.

hope things will look up for you soon!


Yeah, I'm not a huge Priscilla fan (the fact that her face doesn't move freaks me out) but those splits were impressive!!!!

Chi Chi

Just sending you a smile :o) Love ya.

Chrissy Witt

I know what you mean about the paying of taxes! Be happy, but angry, enjoy the weather but pay your part!

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