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July 01, 2008



Kinda like a swim suit lable that says "dry clean only".


I believe that anything can be washed...especially in a front loader!! with cold water. This belief sometimes gets me in trouble...but it's one belief that I will not change!


I have similar feelings about Steve and Barry's: huge store, great prices but not much that I want to buy.

Daddy Forever

What's the big deal. I hand wash all the time when I use my hands to put the clothes in the washer.


We don't have that store up here, sounds like we don't need one either.

I don't hand wash anything, unless I'm wearing it in the shower and I get soap on it.

Don't ask.


I think they mean use the "hand wash" or "delicate" setting on the washer, not really hand wash, like with your hands and soap in the sink, like Grandma used to do. Right?!


what's it made of?
I'm w/ the comment just above, delicate setting

half the time i just throw stuff like that in the wash...and hope for the best...


HA! handwash. That's funny. Almost as funny as cookies from scratch. ;)


I'm with the handwash setting on the washing machine crowd. Also, don't you love the tags that say Dry Clean Only? Cotton pants or microfiber golf skorts! I don't think so! I wash them with delicate soap--that's my nod to Dry Clean Only.

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