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August 15, 2008



Glad you recovered your moment!


That is so precious. What a milestone.

The Eastsider

Yeah!!! How awesome! They grow so fast. Glad you were able to enjoy the moment.


Think of it this way. If you had been there when your husband and son saw it, there would have been only ONE happy celebration -- this way, there were two!! Hooray for her!


Our son learned how to drive his 2-wheeler at our neighbours house one afternoon. He caught on way too fast.
We missed it. I was a little upset but it was great to hear him tell us about it!


That's so great! How exciting for her...sometimes I keep my kids from doing one of those firsts until I can be there to see it...forgetting it's really about them...and really the most important thing is that she did it and she was excited to tell you about it...


I'll never forget when you learned how to master a two-wheeler! It truly is one of life's great moments for the child, especially, and the parents, too. I'm with Sandra--now that precious girl had two great moments! And I got to hear her happy squeals, too. Priceless!


Good girl! They grow up way too fast though....glad you found the rainbow in it too.


I will never forget how special that moment is, with each child so far, it gives you such a wonderful, happy feeling. Good for her! I can just imagine/see the smiles on both of your faces! They do grow up so darn quick!

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