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August 20, 2008



What a lovely tribute.


Oh how wonderful that you had someone like this in your life, and how lucky for your grandfather to have had you.


That's so great you never gave away that necklace....and that you still wear it, what nice memories you have, thanks for sharing!


Great memory!!

libby @ ninesandquines

when i get sad when i'm thinking of those i have lost (namely my dad) i tell myself that the emotion is actually that of the power of the feeling that they are probably right there, sitting beside me, holding my sweet that you had such a wonderful relationship with your grandfather and have those memories and keepsakes from him...hugs coming to you. lib


How wonderful that you had a person as special as your grandpa in your life! And one who left you not only with a such a meaningful keepsake, but marvelous memories!


What a fantastic tribute to your Grandpa. You were so fortunate to have him in your life. And, I'm sure he felt the same about you -- it sounds like the two of you had a very special relationship.


How lucky you were to have him in your life for so long!

That story about the necklace got me. What a great story.

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