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August 05, 2008



Welcome home - I can't wait to see pictures. Your descriptions made me want to be there. And thanks for playing along with my strange questions. So, you brush your teeth while in the shower? Interesting. And I will have to try that cottage cheese cracker with jelly. Sounds good actually.


Too many questions! I can't remember all the questions! What does THAT say about me?

Daddy Forever

Jamaica sounds great. Next time, please adopt me and take me with you. I know, I'm probably older than you, but who cares.


That trip sounds fabulous.....papaya, mango and lobster??? *sigh* Notice how I focus in on the food? hehe. Welcome home....can't wait to see the pics.


Jamaica sounds divine, mon!

What a relief to know I'm not the only one who cleaned before the cleaning lady (and sometimes after!). I decided it was too much work, so I no longer have a cleaning lady. Oh, and I like to eat plain yogurt with raisins and shredded cucumber.


A very interesting list, New Diva. The "recipe" for Barley Dew is interesting too. And the name is a brain teaser.

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