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August 28, 2008



TMI!!! (TOO MUCH INFORMATION!!!) Just kidding! The pain we go though and the front we have to put on for the kids sake. I was in a similar situation with my 3 year old, but it was having stitches removed. He watched in awe. Maybe they'll grow up to be doctors.


Ouch! Luckily I've never broken anything, but with me it was dental work. I've had a lot done over the years and until my girls were big enough to sit in the waiting room I always had to pretend I wasn't terrified and in pain. We Mums deserve Oscars!


gotta love those kiddos...all of that and all you get a 'that's gross'


Amazing what you can suffer in silence to save your kids from "reality" isn't it? Good job, Mommy.


I know, I've done stuff like this too. Insane I think is what we are. Sad but true.


Did you get any pictures?

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