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September 25, 2007


Fannie Mae

Teenagers? Help? Whaaa? SIGH.

invisible neighbor

I feel your pain. I can just picture the struggle with the luggage card. Been there myself more times than I like to think. As far as the laughing teenage girls.... well hate to break it to ya this too will be your daily world in a few short years. I this its native to the breed known as omygodmymotherisadorkandsoisanyoneherage.

Lady by the Creek

Laughing too hard to type. (brief pause) Okay, very funny story and it does remind of the time we were at Porche's house and her daughters were talking and giggling at warp speed and all we got from the whole conversation was the word "rainbow", which we had no idea what it meant. I can't believe I was a teenage girl once either. God help us all, esp. those of us on our street. :)


Isn't wonderful that we are a never ending source of entertainment not only for our own kids, but for those belonging to strangers as well? Somehow, I'm certain you were never that dingy as a teen.


Too funny!
I always see those obnoxious teeny boppers and think there is no way I could have ever been that obnoxious as a teen. My mother assures me I was, and from looking at my poses for my Glamour Shots pictures, I would have to tend to believe her. Now...whenever I see a group of teens making complete idiots of themselves, I point them out to my girls as how not to act in public. Hopefully, they'll remember it down the road and when they see an old lady struggling in an elevator they'll at least hold the door open!

Daddy Forever

Adults can be just as dingy. When I hold the door open for my kids, a bunch of people cut in front before my kids can even walk through. They don't even say excuse me, sorry, or thank you.


I'm 32 years old and I've been entertaining teenagers for years.

And my Mother needn't remind me, I remember vividly being one of those teens.

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