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September 13, 2007



"My bad." That one gets me, too.
My 12 yr old says it all the time and has even gotten 2 yr old to say it a time or two. I always respond with "it IS your bad. Now stop saying that."

Lady by the Creek

Now I am wondering if I have said 1 or 2,and if so, in front of you. I know I say them every once in a while and probably when drinking, which happens often when we are together. If I have, I am sorry. But I know, "It's All Good". :)


You're forgetting the perennial Paris Hilton favorite, "That's Hot." Uggghhh... that one makes my head spin.

New Diva on the Blog

Julianne, you are SOOOO right! Can't believe I left that one off my list.


You're lucky you only have three that make you want to run your nails down the chalkboard. How about:
"It's like...I'm're like." "I'm all..."
Finish the sentence already! Yikes!

New Diva on the Blog

Too true, ya know, ya know, ya know ranks right up there as well. How did I forget so many!;)

Stomper Girl

I have experienced an unconscious twinge every time someone says "it's all good" near me, and thanks to this post, I now know why! Because that phrase is VERY ANNOYING!!

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