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October 02, 2007



I don't understand why these people even have kids! It's too painful to even contemplate.
PS I bet you're right about Jenny Garth!

Lady by the Creek

The whole scenario of Brittney Spears has me sick to my stomach. I hope that losing her kids will be enough to get her to turn her life around. Nothing else has; not even public humiliation on numerous occasions. God help her (and Kevin) for the sake of those boys.


It's funny that so many want to reach for the same things these stars have (money,fame) and yet their lives are tragedy. And such beautiful little boys - God bless and help them.


I wish people weren't still talking about Britney, and I wouldn't even comment were it not for the children. She is an abomination, and he is only slightly less of an abomination. They do not deserve the two precious commodities God gave them. Dancing, on the other hand, is one of life's great joys!


I think I'm the only one alive who doesn't watch DWTS. Sorry.

And you are right, it is a sad time when K-Fed is the better parent. Those poor kids.

Stomper Girl

LOL. I so agree with you about the Britney K-Fed situation. Those poor kids.

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