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October 22, 2007



Lol. Love the costumes...and you don't sound like you had too much wine or anything. :) Too bad you didn't win, but there's always next year! We all need something to look forward to.

Lady by the Creek

As one of the official score counters, I can assure you it was a very close call. You had votes for sexiest, best couple and best overall, but just a few short. You got my vote though. Love ya and was glad to see you before I had my allergy attack and had to leave.


The fact that you can wear that at all impresses the hell out of me.

Your membership application to Muffin Toppers Anonymous has been denied :)

Beth F.

What clever costumes! How fun!


That sounds like so much fun.
One year, about 19 years ago, Hubby and I dressed up and went to a Halloween party at Ga. Tech. We were a vampire couple and we looked really good. Everybody was supposed to be dressed up, but as it turned out we were the only ones. Everybody else was just there to get drunk. We left after an hour. Oh well. :P


Heh! Great costumes. I still love to get dressed up, and I don't even need halloween as an excuse.


I'm sorry you didn't win.
I think your costume was great, but really I'm sure nobody could've beat a leopard thong. That must've been one funny costume!


Your costumes were awesome! Very creative and detailed.

Jenny from Chicago

What an amazing party that must have been. I wish I lived in your neighborhood. It sounds like heaven....wait, what? My party? Oh. Scratch that.

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