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October 24, 2007


Lady by the Creek

I would have to say it is a man/woman thing. I too have a husband with no patience and yet he really does not care about any of the shops or restaurants coming soon. I personally can't stand the not knowing either. Maybe we should take a field trip to the Village Hall and find out. :)


I like to know too! So does my husband. We have actually pulled over a time or two to be able to read a "coming soon" sign.

I love AC! I spend too much time in that Pottery Barn, but I wish it had a PB kids.

Okay, so the big question I have been wondering is what exactly is the Esplanade (sp?), going to be? Surely they have got to have something more exciting planned for that than its current only resident, Sylvan Learning Center...right?? :)


ps I answered your question over on my blog today.
Thanks for participating!


Oh, yes, I am curious. You're not alone either if you think that every paper, tons of magazines and many Internet sites have Horoscopes on or in them. In our little town, it becomes the topic for conversation for weeks until someone finds out for sure.


hubby was reading over my shoulder just now and his comment...'why would you care what was going up' uggg, so understand.

a few years back we saw 'defending the caveman' and he was saying a woman can drive by a house and wonder what it would be like to live there and when she asked a man if he wondered he would say..'no, why would i wonder, we don't live there!' hubby and i have THAT conversation ALL the time.


I live in a town that is about to be blessed with it's very first Target. I remember the day I read the announcement in the paper. I wanted to perform a rendition of "Singing in the Rain" on my roof and shout to the world, "We're getting a TARGET!" I emailed everyone I know. I think I would need to be hospitalized if a Pottery Barn were to open in the city limits.

My husband looks at me like I'm a lunatic when I suggest that we drive by the TARGET to find out what progress has been made.


Oh, yes. I do the same thing. I get very excited when I see an article in the paper talking about the new construction and stores that have signed on. Very exciting stuff.

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