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October 05, 2007



We have this ongoing debate in our house as well. The land line is expensive, and we don't really need it for anything. I have an ongoing problem with high blood pressure and I'm always nervous that something might happen to me and the kids would need to call 911. I've taught each of them early in life to call for help if Mom won't wake up. If we didn't have a land line I would have to teach them to go out to my car, find the cell phone amongst all the happy meal toys and overdue library books, bring the phone in the house, plug it in because it's probably dead, and then call 911. At this point, I probably would've already stroked out. Especially if I needed my 3 year old to do this. She cannot go into the garage without being distracted by the power wheels jeep, so while I'm unconcious in the house, she'd probably be halfway down the block in her jeep. This is why we keep the land line.


Interesting. I was just commenting on another blog about land lines. I hope folks keep them because THAT'S how we know our children are where they SAY they are. But then I made my girls wait until they were sixteen and driving to give them a cell phone so take what I say with a grain of salt....on the rim of a margarita glass!

Lady by the Creek

Okay, this is all coming from a house who still DOESN'T HAVE TIVO!!! Yes folks, they still tape their shows on a VCR! So, no it does not surprise me that you are not hip and still have a land line. However, so do we and we have not even talked about getting rid of it yet, and we are a very tech-savvy household (at least my husband is). I can't remember where my cell phone is half the time so I would miss a lot of calls. You know I love ya.


I know several people who only have cell phones. My sister is one of them. We have both.
And how did you get that picture of my first "car phone?" ;)

Jenny from Chicago

No cell phones until they start dating...which will commence when they are 30.

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