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October 09, 2007



She is such a cutie and so precious. I'll be thinking about the riddles all day. I know I've been told (by your son) the answer to the second one, but I'll be darned if I can remember it! You'll tell us tomorrow, won't you?

Jenny from Chicago

That little sweetheart is such a blessing to everyone who knows her. She's a friend to all three of my girls (the only person on the planet with that distinction). We love her and you.


Happy Birthday to your little girl! It does go by too fast.

I can't figure out either riddle, but I'm going to ask my kids when they get home. Can't wait to see the answers!

Lady by the Creek

Happy Birthday Big Girl. Hugs and kisses from all of us. Thanks for the great riddles. I can't figure out either. What does childbirth and kids do to our brains. HELP!


I don't know the first one but the second in "Nothing". I think we learned that in Girl Scouts! Happy Birthday to your baby girl!


Happy Birthday little one!

I hold out a hand every time we go into a resturant to ask for a table for 5.

I think I might have to steal the 'whole hand' idea from you though and start refering to my team as a whole hand now.

Probably better then calling
them a handful!

Daddy Forever

Happy fifth birthday! She must be smarter than me because I can't solve the riddles.


oh happy birthday to your little one...five is one of those momentous 21, but still cute and cuddly!

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