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November 14, 2007



Whaaaaaaaaaaaat? Seriously??? That is my dream day. To be in Oprah's audience. How terribly cool. I tivo'd that episode and haven't watched it yet.


I missed that episode, but I do love Nate.
I felt the same way when I went, it was not really that fun, at least not the kind that's worth getting up that early for!
I had my fingers crossed that it was Favorite Things for you girls. Bummer.


I would LOVE to go to an Oprah show. I actually invited her to my baby shower a couple of years ago, but she didn't make it. I thought that sometimes she does things like that and she might come, but no.
I think Nate is hot and my hubby loves Giada.
A friend of mine got to go and she was so surprised that Oprah has a "shoe person" to come and put her shoes on for her once she is on stage. A "shoe person?" Did she have one when you were there?

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