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November 09, 2007



I LOVE both pictures! Cute post.

Lady by the Creek

Great post. Was your husband trying to look like Gene Simmons, or just a leather-clad kitty cat? Oh, this makes me laugh on so many levels. :)

invisible neighbor

I had heard the story of the "look" but had never seen the evidence. Wow! Knowing him today this is so hard to wrap my little brain around. Goes to show how people can reinvent themselves.


so for those of us who don't know this picture of you DH why you fell in love or you fell in love despite the picture????(ok, so writing something may not come across has it does in my head...i have no opinion on either reason...just being nosy and curious)

Daddy Forever

OK, that explains a lot.

rip, runnin and roarin

Love it!! Totally reminds me of my youth! At the same point I am glad to have grown out of youth!

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