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December 07, 2007



We do shovel our own driveway. Or rather, my husband does most of it. On very heavy snows, I'll help. We are shin deep in snow right now from last night and two days ago.

I also am waaaay behind on my Christmas cards. I planned on having them done a long time ago and mailed out by now but didn't happen. Sometimes they turn into Valentines day cards :)


Okay, I won't mention that we have no snow to shovel, but just so I make sure you still do like me, it is raining here right now and kind of icky outside.
One year, when I first got married, I actually did my shopping on the 24th. Sheer hell! Thanks to that experience, I shop ahead of time now.


I don't bake cookies anymore because I am allergic to wheat and the kids all decided that it wouldn't be fair to me to make me bake cookies that I couldn't eat myself. How nice is that.

Fannie Mae

Two gifts, tree purchased but not up, no cookies baked. SIGH. I looked at your beautiful pictures from your last post and wept bitter tears.

Lady by the Creek

I will stop to smell the cookies, but not eat. Now that I can't have sugar, I am thinking it will be a very uptight time of year for me. Sugar with-drawl is hard anytime, but right now!!! Help! I may want to use some of my pent up anxiety and shovel my own driveway or go shopping.


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The Cookies are just delightful, it is rare to find made from scatch, delicious Christmas Cookies and Wildflours has them. Check it out, also they care Gluten reduced and other organic products, cool place...


tell me about it! That snow has been brutal I've been...oh yeah I moved, I forgot.
I've had to see video of the snow in Chicago and found it unsettling. Does that count?
I'm just trying to relate. ::locks self in closet and cries for 7 hours::

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