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December 20, 2007


invisible neighbor

Oh my. This is such a funny post. We have the "unusual" gift giver times 2 in our family. One give only children presents that range from a ghetto rag for the head to a Zither(an odd musical instrument that no one knows how to play). The other unusual gift giver only puts useless gagets in the family grab bag. We watch for his entrance into the party and take note of the wrapping paper. Note to self. Do not pick that gift. He has also been known to put cheese in as well. He is still living that one down from 15 years ago.
Please remind me that its the thought that counts!!!


those are my favorite types of relatives!
I had an aunt pass away recently and when her house was cleaned out there were wrapped Christmas gifts for me that my cousin gave to me. We have NO idea what it is, some decoration of some kind (we think) but we put it under the tree anyway and just tell people the story of my aunt...

Daddy Forever

One of my outlaws regift presents. You can tell the items have already been opened and they looked like they were bought at Goodwill.


What great memories! Every family should have someone who gives creative gifts. Afraid we didn't get one of those. (Although, sometimes the gifts that are given SERIOUSLY by some members are good for a laugh!)

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