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January 09, 2008



You can find some inexpensive prints of the bay online or in some print shops. We did this one year for work when people won trips to Duluth.
Good luck!!

Someone Being Me

Ghiradelli Chocolates like these . Sourdough Bread from a local bakery. A bottle of California wine from Napa or Sonoma.


I just had the Ghiradelli and wine ideas to offer as well, I love San Francisco but cannot think of any one gift 'specific' to it. Good luck with your event, it seems like it is pretty tough to plan for!

The Eastsider

The Irish Coffee drink was invented there. There is a cute little bar down by the Wharf that claims to be where it was invented. Perhaps something along this line.

Chi Chi

I was thinking wine, but the chocolate is a great idea. Or something to do with the cable cars. I don't know. Good luck.


I'm thinking since, "I left my heart in San Francisco" is such a great tune, you should be able to find some heart shaped pillows, or chocolates out already for Valentines Day that might work for you. Just make sure you play the song, or download it and burn a CD to go along with the gift. Gotta love Tony Bennett! :)

Chrissy Witt

When I visited San Francisco, more than 7 years ago, I remember, the Wharf, Ghiradelli? Chocolate, Sonoma Wine, I hope this helps!!

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