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January 07, 2008



Ummm. That's way more then three things being replaced. But the good news is that now that they're done you're good for another twelve years....right?

Go with that.


Sounds like a song. You aren't really country and western singer are you? I'm just sayin'.


What a way to start off the week. ugh!
Glad you are okay and it was a false alarm!

(And I hate those smoke alarms that won't stop beeping! Especially in the middle of the night!)

Jenny from Chicago

Okay, Mrs. Kravitz weighed maybe a buck ten....I think there are very few of us on this block are "mini" compared to that.

I was just glad everything was okay. I only made up one rumor about why the firetrucks were there and only told ten people, it involved a domestic dispute between you and Chi Chi's dragon.

Mom On The Run

Wow! Sounds like you're having a run of bad luck just like us. We've had one new hot water heater, one new dishwasher, one repaired washing machine and a pool liner that needs replacing since May.


At two in the morning on the very first night in our very first house ALL the brand new smoke det. started going off...we didn't even have a chair to stand on to turn them off (we only had our sleeping bags...ok we were in our twenties and previously at my mother in law's for 6 months while house being built)....we finally found a big stick and beat the detectors until they shut off...

oh, but hopefully the batteries will be the last mandetory home repair you need...and i'd love to hear the rumor that lisa@take90west started.....

Daddy Forever

That's one of the reason why we have two mono detectors -- we can compare for false alarms. The main reason is so we can have one upstairs where we sleep and the other one downstairs where the gas appliances are.

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