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January 30, 2008



haven't actually seen the movie yet---so yay, you aren't the last one in the US to see it.. it's on my netflix gueue though...
And I didn't so much scream as use choice phrases myself...I love seeing hollywood's rendition of child birth...when I finally finish nursing school I want to be a labor and delivery nurse.
thanks for your review!


I have not seen this movie yet, but you see I fall into that parent category. I didn't have any intention of seeing it and now I am glad that I didn't get the chance to.

Fannie Mae

My two cents? An hour and a half of my life I will never get back.


My two cents..I have to agree with you..I get really irritated with a movie when every other word isthe "f" word...and the screaming thing, while giving over the top..I gave birth to 4 children...not once...did I ever scream...why, oh why...during all "birth" scenes in movies, do they portray the woman to be a screaming lunatic....ridiculous!


I haven't seen it, or any other movie except for Enchancted. in ages!
But I agree, the screaming births are ridiculous. I complained for sure, but I was too tired to scream.


Hmm. You just saved me seven dollars! Thank you! And no, you're not the last because I haven't seen it either.

Actually maybe we shold start a list of all the really GOOD movies we've seen lately. I fear there's a lack...

Daddy Forever

We still have not seen that movie. I have not even had the energy to go to BlockBuster since November. Maybe I should sign up for one of those online rental program.

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