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February 18, 2008



I feel so much better that I'm not the only one who does things like this. My cooking ordeals tend to be more over or under cooking things.

And I too was having a writers block of a day, but managed to pull out a post.

Invisible Neighbor

We all do it. Just this week one of the kids had a friend over for dinner and I placed vermacelli noodles and big flat noodles in the same pot. Didn't have my glasses on and wasn't paying attention to what I asked the kids to put into the pot. One was pasty and the other crunchy. Yuck! Not too tasty.

Chi Chi

Glad you posted today. Funny story. I'm also glad you didn't burn the chicken. Miss you.

Chrissy Witt

I thought you were going to write that you put the watermelon in the pot!!!! Kids can't tell that much, that makes it ok, right?!! I know the multi-tasking has to have a limit on the amount of things you can do at once!!!


Yep, three things cooking at the same time puts me two things over my limit. Even if one is just cutting up watermelon! Um, yes, that's cookin' in my books. :)

I AGREE totally with you about all the holidays though. Go to school all ready!!


welcome to my life...I can barely even keep the kids' names straight and have, at times, called them by the dog's name -- let alone mac & cheese and chicken...hey I'm impressed you used the actual oven and not the microwave :-)


January and Feb. are the worst months for all of these days off. Lately, it has seemed like every other week has been 4 days. I'm so over it.

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