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February 29, 2008



I have no idea...but he's got to be old-ish! 72? And if he is in his sixties or seventies...he looks really good!

Chi Chi

I'm going with 68ish. Please let us now ho old the gal is too. Thanks.


65 is my guess. but i think he's actually younger than that....


I figure he's got to be least 70, although he could be in his 60's. I'll agree with Lisa's comment that he looks pretty good. (Altho most men his age would have cut his hair by now, but what do I know?!) And he looks clean--a miracle!


I think he's younger than he looks. 62?

Queen B

Um? Maybe 68? He doesn't look that old, but I'm guessing that is the point!!


Guess I'm on the younger end of the spectrum - I'm gonna say 52. Although I remember reading an article about him a few months ago - and I was surprised by his age, though I don't remember which way I was surprised!!! Funny little blonde memory!


I think he's probably younger than he looks. (Hard living will do that to you.) I would guess 48.

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