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February 21, 2008



Oh! I would totally buy original art. Lots of it. And I'd hire a tutor so I could travel the world with my family and homeschool them while we lived in various countries.


Well, you should know the Acura MDX has three rows of seats, gets about 20 MPG city, 25 road, (unless your lead-foot husband is driving), and plenty of comfort and style. Your mother's has 97,000 miles on it and is still running fine. And your kids love the back seat.


A cruise around the world would suit me just fine!

Lisa's Chaos

Being practical I would like a little money in the bank. But having fun I would like a cottage up north and the bestest cameras Canon and Nikon make along with one of each professional lens. :) Oh this was fun!


For me, my dream (at least today) would be one of those fancy libraries with a rolling ladder, a fireplace, comfy chairs, a bar, etc. Pretty much, right out of the bad guy's house in a Bond flick!

Chi Chi

Today I would love to be living in my second home, which at this point could be anywhere that is WARM!!!! I would also like to have enough money to be able to fly on those private jets to where ever I wanted whenever I chose. Somewhere WARM would be nice. :) I heard those new GMC Arcadia is nice.

Mom On The Run

I say a Hyundai Entourage.

If I could have anything in the owrld it would be that my hubby and I stay home and raise our children together until they are old enough for school.

laurie h.

i've loved the Sequoia from a distance for awhile, but the reason we don't have one is the same thing you don't like: the gas mileage. we do love our Sienna though... (we're a Toyota family through and through)
anyways, if money was no object, i'd own my own Target store, and every Coach bag out there.


I had a Dodge Durango for many years and it got HORRIBLE mileage. I sold it and got a Nissan Pathfinder last fall and the gas mileage is much better, and it has the third seat.

But I WANTED a Honda Pilot, unfortunately not enough horse power to tow our boat :(

That out of the way, a villa in Tuscany and the means to travel there and many other places with my family :)


I do like nice cars, and you might like to know that the Ferrari Scaglietti has a back seat, so it might be practical for you, while making your son happy. My dream is to go shopping on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills with an unlimited budget...on a stuper free day, of course.


I think when I finish nursing school I'll get the toyota highlander (hybrid) even if money wasn't an if money weren't an issue, a great house in the mountains with a view and a creek and a seperate studio on the property for crafting and artsy stuff, my very own...and a place for lots of purses...I have a thing for purses more then shoes ---but shoes are great too
and of course world peace.


I would totally buy a second home in Mexico or Hawaii. ON THE BEACH. And then I'd probably make it our everyday home.

You should try a Chevy Suburban. I have the large one, but the smaller version comes with a third row seat now, I think. I LOVE mine. It is the only car I think I will ever buy again.


A beach house moves me!!!!!


I want a library with floor to ceiling bookshelves and a fireplace and deep comfy chairs and a computer desk in a corner. A room that is just for me (I live in a house with six other people so being alone is a luxury).

I also want a career doing something meaningful and important.


Hhhm. I suppose a cottage up north on a lake with lots of book shelves and my house renovations here in town finished. FINISHED! Sigh.


i would want an antique colonial house here in new england with an antique barn and on enough acreage for our horses and dogs to run around on :-) and i have a cadillac srx (crossover) and LOVE it. GREAT gas mileage, third row, theater seating, everything - would be great for kids and easy to get in and out of. it's comparable to the new mercedes crossovers but cheaper and just as nice....

Jenny from Chicago

Let's get matching Enclaves. It has luxury appointments and it looks gorgeous but also it has seating for 7 (or 8 if you get the second row bench instead of the captains chairs).

By the way, all my daydreams about second homes would also be on this street....just cleaner with a gate at the top of our street.

Daddy Forever

A beach house. I'm too frugal to pay for a hotel, so we never spend the night when we go the coast.

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