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March 03, 2008


Chi Chi

From one fanatic mom to another, cheer on. I just hope we get to have the boys play together again soon. RAH!


from one who is too shy to cheer (I know I'm sure you can't tell that from my blog, but I really am) I thank moms like you who cheer the whole team!

Chrissy Witt

You keep on cheering the loudest! I am no longer allowed to! I posted a while ago on the "Mom could you not cheer so loud" it broke my heart and had to look at my husband for the "nod" that it was ok to cheer and the shaking of the head if it wasn't! No more "it's ok gett'em next time" No more "hang in there guys" no more "you can do it" just "yeas". So sad for me. I hope your cheering lasts a long long long loooooooooooong time! May you never hear the words I have heard!
Go you cheering Mama!!!!!!!


Yep, I'm a hockey Mom up here and I'm right with you. I cheer for the weakest players on BOTH teams and it drives my son nuts. (Just doing my job boy!)

The only time I really over did it was when my son got his first ever goal. I was so happy and maybe a tad too loud. Blush.

Daddy Forever

Just don't cheer for the wrong team. The few times my kids and my wife watch a game with me, they end up cheering for the other team.


You go girl! We were always our childrens' biggest fans, and were never sorry we attended all those games. Good for you.

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