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March 13, 2008



When we lived in our old farm house, we had mice, off and on. One time I bought one of those skinny Christmas trees that was displayed already decorated. The woman asked me if I wanted to buy the decorations too (they were "cute" little mice). I told her, "No thank you. I live in an old farm house, I don't think mice are CUTE!" But, roaches would be even worse. I'm surprised you didn't tell your husband, "I'll go wait for you in the car, HONEY!" I would have.

Chi Chi

BEES! Hate them! I'm so scared of them that I jump a mile when I hear any type of buzzing sounds. Even when it is a fly or my husband attempting to be funny. One time my neighbor across the street saw me gardening and was inside laughing her a** off as she watched me basically "dance" as I was trying to avoid all the buzzing while I was pulling weeds. It is rather a sight to see. Don't even get me started if one gets in the house. I leave!

Lisa's Chaos

I need to tell you something, I don't like those little devils either. Not at all and in Missouri (where I spent 30+ yrs) they're pretty common, and in Texas(lived for a year), they're bigger, imagine that!

I've lived in Wisconsin for almost 5 years now and have never seen a roach. I think I'll stay up here. I wouldn't have though MI would have them either. Weird!

Chrissy Witt

EWW! Oh I sooo don't like roaches, I could have easily screamed and ran out the door in your situation!


I am insanely afraid of rats. Most rodents skeve me out, but a rat will make me faint. On the spot. gaaaaaaaaaaaah.

Daddy Forever

Bugs creep me out too. Expecially the ones with lots of legs. I think it's from watching all those movies about bugs taking over the world.

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