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March 22, 2008


Mom On The Run

Is that your mailbox? In the municipality where I work, if you tell the public works dept about that, they will give $$ towards the purchase of a new one.

Chrissy Witt

Ohhh that makes me so mad!! Guess the mailman will be walking your mail to the door for a time, and the plow drivers, ohhhhhoohhhhhh!
Happy Easter anyway!


You poor thing..all of that snow, on Easter Weekend? does seem like Spring is never going to officially get here, doesn't it?
Glad you liked the flowers...hopefully, they are a sign of real ones to come soon.
Have a great Monday!


Oh dear! Snow and a mad plow? Too much. But I bet all this snow is going to bring you a very lovely spring (assuming it comes)! I'm sure you'll have spring soon.

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