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March 14, 2008



Wow! Very scary that people actually live (I use the term loosely) that way. Thanks for the book review, now I don't have to read the book . . . (as if I ever would).

Nancy Patterson

I just finished reading Slash's book. I have been a fan of Guns N Roses but mostly Slash and his incredible guitar style since 1985. The book may not be for everyone but for all of you true rockers - it is a story worth reading - I LOVED it! It's honest, funny, scary, includes lots of sex - not expletive but you definitely get the jist, interesting and extremely informative of how not to start off a rock and roll band - so everything you would want in a book really. Again, it is not for everyone but for the diehard rock fans - this book is fantastic and Slash, luckily is still alive and well - writing and rockin! The last thing I thought I would see but soo glad he's here telling us how it all happened and making more memories to write in his second bio - part II ;-)

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