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March 25, 2008



I can't agree with you more....
They are both going home.


Missed it - hope it's Ti-fauxed!



libby @ ninesandquines

WOW!!! How did you do that? You must be telepathic :-)


You got it right on the money. Poor Monica S. -- she really was totally out of her element. I just can't seem to get into it this season, for some reason. Kristy Y. is my favorite so far.


I love that show. My daughter (4) loves to watch it too, and then I catch her shaking her thing and I wonder if I'm a bad mom for letting her watch it.

But I think she'd shake her thing anyway. And congratulations on getting it right!


Hmmm. I missed this. How do you find the time to watch TV anyway? I'm WAY WAY behind on my tele...


Home run for you! I like Steve G., but I thought it might be him because I thought he might have turned people off when he talked and talked and talked on the first show.

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