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March 18, 2008


Invisible neighbor

Funny. I personally know:

Cleveland Beverage
DR Gerber (a pediatrician)
Perfecto Farto (I'm proud to say he's a distant cousin)
Johnny Aples


Lushus Titts? No Way.
I don't think I know too many unusual names, I have a friend named Cinnamon, and she is definately a little spicy! And very cool. And I went to school with a Kenya, but that's all I can think of right now.


Even some "normal" names leave you a little weak. Jill McGill, Robert Roberts (my college math professor), Johnny Johnson, Bill Williams, and on it goes.

Chi Chi

You forgot to mention the preschool teacher who is Mrs. Snow White. Thanks for the smile. :)


And to think I disliked my name growing up...I now count myself lucky!

makes moonunit zappa and ziggy marley sound tame...

Chrissy Witt

Wow, how about those names!! Lushus Titts, you have to be kidding!!
My cousin has a last name of Wenk (prounounced wank) she always wanted to name a child Harrison, but just couldn't do it, when you think Harry Wenk!!!


I've tagged you for a fun meme.
Stop by my blog for details.


I'm pretty skeptical of Lushus Titts. Sounds like an urban legend.

I was named after a folk song by the New Christy Minstrels in which Julianne gets killed by a grizzly bear. Thanks Mom and Dad!


One for the record:

My husband had his knee brace made at Stubbs Prosthetics and Orthotics. Pretty ironic, eh?

Mom On The Run

And I thought that my daughter had a stripper name: Sierra Smith, but wow! Those are some crazy ones!


Okay, granted my name is terribly boring. BUT, I'd take it any day over carhonda. ?????? puleez.

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