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April 08, 2008



I know I'm a loser but I'm just not into DWTS. There's simply not enough silicone and profanity for my taste. I'm more of a Rock of Love girl.

Congrats on your lilac buds. You Chicago-ans have had a brutal winter.


I'm glad to see something I planted has survived. I much prefer it here on the island where the soil is sandy instead of your clay. Digging these holes drove me to drink. On second thought,...


I was so sorry to see Adam and Julianne go last night. I had really come to like him.


ooooh, spring is coming...I can't wait...
Oh and so sorry about the back stabbing...and very cute apron...what a fun thank you gift...

Chi Chi

Nice buds. :o) SPRING! Birds are chirping, kids are playing outside. Well, they would be if it would STOP RAINING! Is it too much to ask for a little bit o'sunshine around here. The weekend was fabulous but I need more. I just want to enjoy being outside before it is 90 and humid.


Bummer about Adam and Julieanne. I like them both so much, but it was probably appropriate. He's just so funny and she's so darling and talented. But, it IS a dance competition. ;) I guess I can't get too attached to them. My coworkers think the same about Shannon Elisabeth. I like her! But, not as much as a couple others!! It's a good season!!

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